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Pennoni names new vice president and adds to Board of Directors

Pennoni announced that E. Michael McCarthy, P.E., was promoted to Vice President and appointed to the firm’s Board of Directors. McCarthy joined Pennoni in 2016 when the firm acquired the assets of McCarthy & Associates, Inc. structural engineers, the firm he founded in 1985.

Know your IP

Basic Intellectual property rules can help civil and structural engineers understand how it affects the AEC industry. By Stephen L. Keefe, P.E., Esq. Intellectual property (IP)...

Increase BIM engagement to remain competitive

When Building Information Modeling (BIM) was first introduced, it initially gained traction with design professionals because it enabled them to iterate more fluidly, analyze...

Report: Christchurch shifts from concrete to steel in post-earthquake rebuild

A University at Buffalo engineering professor co-authored a report with potential significant impacts on how modern cities may be reconstructed following earthquakes. “Reconstructing Christchurch: A Seismic Shift in Building Structural System” is a 170-page report that details the reconstruction of Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, following the 2010-11 earthquake series that shut down the city’s central business district for years.

AEC TECH NEWS: SCIA Engineer 17 boosts productivity for structural engineers

SCIA released SCIA Engineer 17, specifically designed to help structural engineers boost their productivity by enabling them to work much faster, with more precision and transparency in their day-to-day work.

LEED v4: What structural engineers need to know

If you are like most structural engineers, you have realized the importance of sustainability both in your practice and in your life, and have...

The Code of Hammurabi and structural engineers

The following two key clauses from the Code of Hammurabi—developed by the King of Babylonia between 1790 and 1750 B.C. (the world’s first written code of business performance)—still have significance for today’s structural engineers, architects, and builders.

How to help an owner save on project costs

Contractual arrangements and recommendations for geotechnical testing

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