Safe wood design and construction


    News articles and reports increasingly cite fire and seismic safety concerns related to wood design and construction with a call for more research. The Think Wood Research Library, launched in 2017, is now stocked with nearly 900 unique pieces of research to aid architects, engineers, and other industry professionals in building safe, high-performing buildings that can stand the test of time.

    The Think Wood Research Library offers several studies that address the fire performance of wood, including calculating the fire resistance of exposed wood members.

    Seismic concerns pose another design challenge, particularly in active seismic regions of the United States. Many studies available in the Think Wood Research Library evaluate the seismic performance and resilience of wood buildings.

    In addition to fire and seismic resources, the library houses case studies, reports, and research papers on a range of other design topics — from acoustics and vibrations, to energy and environment, to building codes and cost.

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