Product + Software Guide


    01. Deep foundation analysis

    Pile Dynamics released new PDI-Tomo software for analysis of crosshole sonic logging (CSL) data. CSL evaluates the integrity of the concrete of drilled shafts and other bored or cast-in-place deep foundations. Ultrasonic transmitters and receivers are inserted in the foundation and an instrument collects the data. Software analyzes the propagation of the waves emitted by the transmitters, indicating potential concrete problems. Tomography Analysis with PDI-Tomo takes the examination further, allowing a better estimate of the extent of irregularities or defects. It combines arrival time data from the scans of all pairs of tubes, analyzes the data, and displays it in various views.

    Pile Dynamics


    02. Self-learning GNSS

    Leica Geosystems announced the Leica Viva GS16 and updated Leica Captivate and SmartWorx Viva software. The GS16 is able to automatically select the optimal combination of GNSS signals and stay connected with or without reference links, the company said. The new receiver is empowered by RTKplus to access all known and current signals while intelligently distinguishing which ones are the optimal combination to lock onto for accurate positioning adapting to any environmental conditions. Embedded with the touch technology of the Leica Captivate measurement software, users can interact with immersive 3D models directly in the field.

    Leica Geosystems


    03. Updated structural design software

    SCIA released SCIA Engineer 16 with more than 350 updates and new features including enhancements in concrete and steel design. Some of the new tools and features include improved design of concrete beams and columns; a concrete shear wall and frame module that includes Pushover; improved concrete slab and shell design; steel composite floor members improvements; cold-formed steel design; bi-axial steel connection design; extensions to 3D results and general plasticity; triangular finite elements during meshing for membrane elements; automatic mesh refinement supports multiple load cases; export to Tekla v21.1; and more.



    04. HDPE pipe couplings

    Victaulic’s Refuse-to-Fuse system for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe features a range of couplings and fittings and offers installation up to 10 times faster than fusing while meeting or exceeding the performance capabilities of traditional fused joints, the company said. The couplings are installed with a standard socket or impact driver in any weather condition and do not require special equipment or certified crews. The couplings also permit HDPE pipe to be installed in-line, even in vertical orientations and tight spaces. The Refuse-to-Fuse system streamlines maintenance because couplings can be readily disassembled and removed from the pipe then reassembled.



    05. Zoom camera guide

    Camera Buyer’s Guide tackles all the major zoom camera performance attributes in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format. Zoom assessment cameras (also called pole cameras) provide a quick, affordable view into any sewer. A zoom camera views sewer lines from an adjoining manhole, and can also be used to inspect manholes, catch basins, and other assets. The quality of information captured during a zoom assessment has a lot to do with the capabilities of the camera, the company said.

    Envirosight LLC


    06. Open-sided fabric building

    ClearSpan unveiled the Commodity HD Building, which features an open side that simplifies bulk and aggregate storage. The open side provides easy access for multiple vehicles and also allows the structure to be broken down into separate storage bays. Commodity HD Buildings can be clad with custom covers and end panels; side panels are available to either partially or completely enclose the side. The frame is built from American-made, triple-galvanized steel, and each building is covered with 12.5-oz., 24-mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric, which is UV resistant and comes in four color options.

    ClearSpan Fabric Structures


    07. High-capacity hydrodynamic separator

    Hydro International said its First Defense High Capacity hydrodynamic separator for stormwater treatment has been certified for 80 percent Total Suspended Solids removal by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection — at the highest treatment loading rate in the industry. First Defense High Capacity works with large pipes, multiple inlet pipes, inlet grates, and now contains a high-capacity internal bypass for conveying large peak flows. Systems are available in the following sizes and approved flow rates: 4 feet, approved for up to 1.50 cfs; 6 feet, approved for up to 3.38 cfs; and 8 feet, approved for up to 6.00 cfs.

    Hydro International


    08. Prefabricated wood shearwall

    Simpson Strong-Tie’s redesigned prefabricated Strong-Wall Wood Shearwall provides greater installation flexibility and additional design options. It features a holdown with visible front, back, and side access to make it easier to install the anchorage attachment in various framing conditions. The front access opening also allows for easy inspection of the connection to the anchor bolt. The wood shearwall is code listed (ICC-ES ESR-2652 and City of L.A. RR 25730 evaluated to the 2015 IRC/IBC) and allows for the same or higher loads than the previous SB shearwall in both seismic and wind applications.

    Simpson Strong-Tie